STIB Mobile Web App

STIB Mobile Web App

​A mobile Web App for the Brussels Public Transportation. It was developed back in 2010, to make transportation schedules and information accessible on most mobile devices. 

Streamlined UX & UI 

Taking the limitations of the devices we were targeting (which included class B & C mobile browsers) and of the existing real-time API, I built a very simple user experience with no frills, and a UI tailored for on-the-go consumption. Large controls, and simple interactions.  

Usage and feedback

This app sees over 2500 visitors a day, even with the iPhone and Android Apps competing for usage. An interesting fact is that we saw a lot of IE users (certainly coming from office use) that preferred the simple experience of the mobile app to the complex forms that are found on the desktop version of the STIB Website.  
The App was ranked #2 at AppsMarathon Brussels, against native apps. Here's the slideshow from the presentation
Project scope:
  • UX
  • Mobile
  • UI Design
  • Front-end